What Is An Angle Grinder?

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An angle grinder/cut-off machine is a hand-held power tool that is used for cutting an assortment of materials. It works by using a rotating abrasive disk, similar to a grinding wheel. Its cutting ability is usually adjustable, allowing the user to match the speed to the material being cut. It’s commonly used to cut medium-hard materials such as masonry, metal, and concrete.

Most angle grinders have interchangeable wheels or disks that can perform a variety of cuts. Some are designed for cutting drywall, others for metals. Others are made for harder materials like concrete.

A Variety of Uses

Angle Grinders are versatile tools with a wide variety of uses. They are a cheaper alternative to an angle-head or a disc-head grinder. The attachment of the grinder allows you to use it for cutting, sanding, grinding, and polishing.

The disc on the grinder can be rotated and locked to function as a sander, or it can be used to pulverize and cut metal and concrete. The uses of the angle grinder are endless, so keep reading to better your understanding of this product.


The angle grinder uses a motor to turn the abrasive wheel on the disk. The disc can then be locked to sand, cut, or grind without the need of extra tools.


The tool is great at grinding away rust, tares, and old paint. If you want to polish an object, then you may use the disk to buff the object.


The grinder can be used to cut metal and concrete and it can be used to cut out holes and square edges. It offers a more powerful cut than a hand saw and can finish a job quicker.


The disc can be used to sand down metal, paint, and rough concrete. The abrasive grit will quickly cut down and grind rough surfaces.

Corded or Cordless

When first learning about angle grinders, you’ll notice that they are available in both corded and cordless versions. Your first question may be, which one should I get? It really comes down to what you’ll use it for.

  • Corded models will allow you to use it while plugged in; a cordless model won’t.
  • Corded models are more powerful, but can get too hot if you use them continuously.
  • Cordless models are easier to handle and are good for using in small spaces. They do drain batteries quickly if you don’t let them rest.
  • Corded models are easier to use in tight spaces.
  • Corded models usually cost less, but cordless models cost less up front.

If you’re only going to use the angle grinder occasionally around your home, then a cordless model will work for you. If you’re going to do a lot of metalworking or cutting on a larger scale, then you’ll want a corded model. Keep in mind that most manufacturers do not recommend using cordless models for cutting or metalwork.


Angle grinders don’t just come with a handy metal disk. There are a whole bunch of accessories that can expand your options for the jobs you want to tackle.

Safety is Priority

While angle grinders are a must have for any toolbox, they are extremely powerful and dangerous when improperly used. Safety is always priority, and wear the proper safety gear when using these on a project. Safety gear to use when using an angle grinder includes:

  • Safety glasses
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective clothing


To understand what an angle grinder is, you have to understand what an angle grinder is used for. It is designed to be the perfect tool for jobs that require a great deal of power. For example, you can cut, shape, remove, and grind anything with an angle grinder. The power behind the tool is what makes it such a useful tool for jobs.

Angle grinders have a lot of force because they have powerful electric motors. This power often comes at a cost, however. These tools are often quite heavy. The weight and power behind them can make them a little hard for some people to use. Moreover, the blades that are used have incredible power and can sometimes be hard to control.

All in all, an angle grinder is a required power tool. If you need a great deal of power and fail to find it in a regular saw, then an angle grinder may be the perfect tool for the job!