What Is A Miter Saw?

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Sliding Compound Miter Saw vs Non-Sliding

A miter saw is a cutting tool that is used to cut a variety of materials including lumber, plastic, and drywall. It is available in different types which include the sliding compound miter saw, and the non-sliding miter saw.

The sliding compound miter saw is more versatile than the traditional non-sliding miter saw. It comes with a sliding arm that is placed in the same plane with the blade. This allows a wider selection of materials to be cut creating a wider variety of angles. The sliding arm also allows for more accurate cuts when making the same angle cuts repeatedly.

The non-sliding miter saw is the traditional type of miter saw and is the simplest one to use. It is simple, however it is not as effective as the sliding compound miter saw because you can’t cut wider boards with the same angle.

Originally, miter saws were just used to cut wood on carpentry and other construction sites. Currently, however, the miter saw has found its place among the DIY enthusiasts as well. It is also commonly used on carpentry and construction sites since it is the most effective and practical tool for those purposes.

What is a Compound Miter Saw?

A compound miter saw is a specialized power tool which allows for cutting different angles on a piece of material. It is used to cut a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic and metals.

A compound miter saw is comprised of a saw box for holding materials which are to be cut, a base for supporting the material, and an arm which supports the blade holder and allows for angled cuts to be made. It works by using a coarse adjustment knob to move the saw’s arm and then a fine adjustment knob to get the desired angle.

This tool is marked by its ability to cut narrow pieces, often at acute angles. As mentioned previously, this capability makes it ideal for cutting different types of materials. It is also important to note that its capability to cut at angles up to 50-degrees without compromising the material being cut.

A compound miter saw is typically powered by battery, a universal power supply, or an outlet. The electrical component of a compound miter saw consists of a blade, an arm and a motor which makes up the saw box. Alternatives to the motorized saw box include a jig saw and a sabre saw.