What are Table Saws Used For?

Stuart Wellbert
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Table saws are used for the production of stair parts, gates, grills, greenhouse frames, rails, panelling, fences, wood formwork, gates and fences. If you are building your own furniture or making your own fence, you can use a table saw to cut straight lines and curves.

Table saws are extremely useful in homes with DIY enthusiasts, as it is not only easy to use but also ensures a clean and accurate cut each time.

In the industrial sector, table saws are used for creating and making the cuts in the lumber boards required for general construction applications.

Table saws consist of a stand for the blade and motor, a trunnion, and a table. The blade and motor are mounted on the stand and the trunnion holds the blade in place. The table is fixed at the top and the table saw slides up and down on the table. There are many blade sizes available for table saws and they can cut the wood in different thicknesses and widths. These saws have large blades that are capable of cutting through bigger pieces of wood.