Types of Hammers

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What are the Uses of Hammers?

Hammers are one of the simplest tools in carpentry and construction. While they are usually used to drive nails and wedges, hammers have been utilized to do other things, too.

Here are some of its most popular uses:

{1}. Hammers are used as a weapon in times of distress.
{2}. It can be used as a weapon against wild animals.
{3}. In ancient times, people believed that a hammer (or a magic wand) can be used to create lightning.
{4}. In churches, bishops and priests use it as a symbol of office.
{5}. In India, the hammer is a symbolic of Vishnu.
{6}. Hammers are used in the initiation rites of some fraternities.
{7}. Hammers are hung on the walls of museums, restaurants, churches and other public institutions to attract attention.
{8}. In the olden days, hammer and sickle was used as a symbol of the workers and the peasants of the world fighting imperialism.
{9}. It is used to scare enemies during battle.
{10}. In the game of Golf, the ball is struck with the head of the club called a hammer.
{11}. During the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, it was used to denote the end of the Third Reich.

Claw Hammers

The claw hammer is also called a carpenter’s hammer because it is used by carpenters to quickly pull nails from wood as they hammer them in. A claw hammer is usually around 8 to 12 inches long and has a flat and wide face with one sharp corner, a straight claw, and a straight handle. Claw hammers require a lot of force to use and are the largest of the hammers.

The hammer is used as a pulling tool, so a carpenter wraps the fingers around the handle with the thumb through the opening instead of holding it from top to bottom. The hammer is used to pull nails out of wood with the claw while the flat face of the hammer is used to smooth and straighten the piece of wood.

What are the different Types of Mallets

The concept of a hammer can be broken down into two categories, mallets and sledges.

Sledge Hammers

A sledgehammer has a large head with a short handle designed to swing. These hammers are heavy, heavy duty, but can be very unwieldy. Sledge hammers are designed for demolition and are capable of breaking things like concrete. Using a sledge hammer takes a lot of force one swing.

This makes it hard for most people to use them without any previous experience. They are one of the few hammers that are a bit dangerous to use to their full potential. It is a good idea to practice using the sledgehammer before using it on any demolition job.


Mallets are the opposite of sledgehammers. They are have a large handle with a head that is only slightly larger than the handle. Mallets are used to deliver very powerful impacts to objects, but are are used to deliver a lot of power with one hit.

This makes them good for a variety of tasks, such as hammering in railroad spikes or driving a chisel.

Mallets can be used on large pieces of material without risking the tool. For example, a sledgehammer can crack a large piece of concrete, but not as easily as a mallet. Mallets are also used by carpenters as a hammer, chisel, and sometimes a wedge.

What Types of Sledge Hammers are there?

If you're ready to buy a sledge hammer, you may have looked at all the choices and are trying to make a decision based on what you've read elsewhere. Instead of getting information from different sources, a more effective approach would be to look at the information on various sledge hammers below. Then, the sledge hammers that you've seen and that you like, can be researched more in depth to make sure that they are a good choice for you.

Heavy Duty Brick Buster

Designed for demolition work where breaking up brick and concrete structures is the number one priority. They come with a 28" handle and with a weight range between 7 to 12 lbs. Stock patterns can be found at most home centers and professional supply stores.

Heavy Duty Demolition Hammer

These sledge hammers are strong enough to take on most demolition jobs and can be found at most home centers and professional supply sources. They are two-headed so that they can be used to break up a variety of different materials. The handle on these is 26 inches long and the weight of the head can range from 10 to 15 lbs.

Medium Duty Brick Buster

A medium duty sledge hammer that is effective for breaking bricks, concrete and stone. These hammers are lighter and easier to swing than the heavy duty models but they will cost more. These hammers have a 30" handle and with a weight range between 8 to 12 lbs.