Taking Care of Your Lawn 101

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How To Take Care of Your Lawn

Maintaining a lawn is something many of us end up doing, whether we like it or not. While maintaining a lawn may not be your why, you should still look to take care of your lawn, because it’s in your best interest.

A happy, healthy lawn is better for your family and safer for you. Lawn care experts have identified a few tips that can really help your lawn stay healthy.


Most people will probably tell you that mowing your lawn twice a week is ideal. This is true if you have a large yard. For most people, this is too much.

The first thing you need to do is find out which type of grass you have in your yard. Your local home improvement store can help you with this. If you have an average lawn, try reducing your mowing frequency to once a week. This may save you time and money.

Make your mowing time more effective with these tips:

If your grass won’t grow against a foundation, you can mow a strip so that the grass won’t grow above a certain level. This will help keep its height under control, while saving time.

You can mow certain areas of your yard more often than others so that you can give attention to them whenever you’ve got room in your schedule. This will help you to be more efficient in your mowing chore.

Set aside a specific time of day to mow your lawn. This will help you to avoid cutting your grass later in the day on hot days. Any extra water your grass gets from you mowing it later in the day won’t help it.

If your grass is particularly long and thick, you’re going to have to mow it more often.


In the Winter when the ground is frozen, your lawn doesn’t require as much water. There are still several factors that determine whether you should stop watering altogether or continue like normal.

If you live in an area where the lawns are brown in the Wintertime due to lack of watering during the Summer, ch