How to use a Snow Blower?

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How to Maintain a Snowblower?

If you want to get through the winter easier, get a snowblower. Follow the maintenance tips discussed in this article, to keep your machine going quickly and effortlessly during the cold season.


At least once every two months, check the following components:

  • Air filter
  • Oil filter
  • Fuel filter

Clean the air filter at the end of every season. Fuel filters need to be changed after the first few months of usage. Be sure to change the oil filter every year.

Disinfect the machine after every use.

The Engine

Every season, inspect the engine to make sure that there are no signs of rust.

If you notice rust, clean away the rust from the blower and wait for it to be dry. Then, rub oil over the entire area and let it dry for five minutes.

Replace the spark plug every five years. Clean the spark plug hole with a wire brush before you place the new spark plug so it doesn't get clogged.

Adjust the carburetor before using. The engine might have different requirements during a year.

Check the fuel tank and be sure that it is empty before you start your snowblower.

Keep the fuel in an area that is well ventilated and away from any heat sources. Fuel attracts moisture and can corrode plastic, rubber, and metal.

How Often do Snow Blowers get Clogged?

Snow blowers are one of those things that you only use when first thing in the morning you can barely see and plows are still on the road or when it’s 30 below outside and you need to clear your driveway.

Because you only use a snow blower for a short few days of the year, you probably never learn how to use it. We have found the most common mistakes people make with snow blowers that will cause them to get clogged and how to fix the problem.

Where was the Snow Blower Invented?

A person can claim that the snow blower was invented in the 1950s in New York City by a man named Frank Walker. In 1955, Walker invented the product for his own home based on two different designs from the 19th century.

He was tired of getting the snow shovel out each time a little snow came down, so he built a small prototype with a fan. Although the prototype was too small for a machine to operate, he initiated studies on how the machine should be powered. He performed several more tests and redesigns of the machine until he came up with one that worked very well.

When Walker saw that there was a market for his machine, he created Walker Edison, a company to manufacture the invention.

How Does it Work?

The snow blower is a device that slices through snow. It is commonly made up of a body containing a fan or blower, a chute through which the snow falls, a motor, a frame, and a handle to control the device. The motor provides power to the device to produce heat. When the heat builds up, it brings down the moisture level of snow, which makes it dry and light. The blades send the dry snow out of the chute through a forced air tunnel and into a storage location. An electronic monitoring device is also installed on the snow blower to supply the motor with the right amount of cooling oil.