How to Refill Co2 Tank with Air Compressor?

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Refilling a Co2 Tank

Follow these instructions when refilling a Co2 tank with an air compressor.

Safety • Make sure the cartridge valve is open on the Co2 tank and the fill port is free from debris.

Step 1.

Attach a fitting (depending which one you have) to the regulator. If it’s an oxygen fitting, use caution as oxygen can be dangerous.

Step 2.

Unscrew the pressure gauge for a moment. This will allow air to run freely from the tank.

Step 3.

Attach the regulator gauge to the fill port of the Co2 tank.

Step 4.

Turn on the compressor and start filling the Co2 tank.

Step 5.

Once the tank is full, put the gauge on and make sure the tank is reading the correct pressure.

Use your Brain and Remember to Drain

One time recently I was charging a Co2 tank, using an air compressor. I was not thinking and did not turn off the compressor. I was spraying Co2 like crazy, I yelled at the guy you are spraying me.

I was laughing so hard and it was funny. The tank was not damaged as he was using an air compressor to charge the Co2 tank with air.

The tank was under pressure when I first started to spray the Co2. The air compressor did not have enough pressure to release the Co2. I even turned the air compressor off and then I could not stop the Co2. I could have ended up spraying the air compressor full of Co2. I ended up spraying the guy with Co2. He did not like that.

I knew I only had one more bottle to finish the charge and I just wanted the Co2 to stop spraying. Now, I always turn off the air compressor and let the Co2 release as best as it can. Using an air compressor to charge Co2 tanks is not a good idea. Turning off the air compressor may not work to totally let go of the Co2.

There are safety procedures that the air compressor manufacturers list in the instructions. It is important to read them all first, then follow them exactly.

Time to Refill Co2 Tank with Air Compressor

Co2 tanks need to be refilled periodically. The vast majority of them, usually those used for beer making, wine accessories, and other needs, can be refilled via air compressor.

You would need a Co2 Tank Regulator that is made specifically for Co2 tanks. Most of the beer and wine dispenser Co2 tanks are designed to be filled with an air compressor, which means they have adapters for it. If you have a CO2 Tank that does not come with a Co2 Tank Regulator, then you will need to buy one separately if you want to refill your Co2 Tank with air compressor.

Buy a Co2 Tank Regulator for Your Co2 Tank

Check the instructions that come with your Co2 Tank Regulator. They tell you what you should do when you are filling your Co2 Tank.

They are pretty simple. You would plug the regulator into your co2 tank. Before filling it with air, always turn off the regulator and make sure you shut off the flow of gas by pinching the hose. You would then use the air compressor to fill the co2 tank up with air before turning the regulator back on. Make sure the compressor is off as well. Then turn the compressor on. Lastly, fill your co2 tank with air and always turn off the regulator first before disconnecting the hose from the gas tank.

Compress Success

Hopefully this article above answered "how to refill co2 tank with air compressor?" and answered the question of how to refill with air. It has been said that storing co2 isn't dangerous as long as your tank stays pressurized.

If you have any suggestions for "How do you refill co2 tanks?" let me know.

If no one else knows the answer, I will research it and update the answer.

Requiring an Air Compressor

Before, I had to fill up my Co2 tank at my local store for about 12 dollars and now, I can do it myself without having to travel to any store. All I needed was an air compressor, a 1 pound Co2 tank and a quick aluminum soda can tab.

In order to get most of the Co2, turn your Co2 tank upside down into a 3-quart pot. At that point, plunge down the center spout with the metal tab and you’ll see the Co2 gradually take off from the top of the can. Transfer some air from the air compressor directly into the can. The Co2 will rise to the top until the top of the can is overflowing. Turn it to the vertical position to expel the Co2 from the can.

Afterward, it’s important to add back any Co2 you remove from the can. In case the air has depleted, the soda can will allow the air to remain in the can. Cut the valve from the soda can and connect it to the Co2 spout. Turn the can upright for the Co2 to stream from the spout into the can. Close the spout when the level of Co2 is where you’d like it to be.

Air Compressor Safety Points

The air compressor is the key to adding restorative hardness to your tap water. That's because an air compressor can convert the compressed air for the CO2 gas you can use to fill your water tank. Air compressors are also known as pneumatic, meaning they run on air pressure instead of electricity.

For the safety of the compressors, you need to do some preparation before you can sharpen your water with CO2 gas. You have to set the air compressor up on a sturdy surface since it weighs over 100 pounds. You also need to have the air compressor in a clean, dry, and well ventilated environment. Extensive exposure to moisture can cause the compressors parts to rust.