How To Change A Drill Bit?

Stuart Wellbert
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What are the Two Kinds of Drill?

There are two kinds of drills. One, a hammer drill, and the other a regular drill. Hammer drills are used to drive screws into concrete and other hard surfaces. Regular drills can be use to drill into a variety of materials, like wood, drywall and metal.

Keyless Drill:

{1}. Grasp the chuck head firmly with one hand and pull/twist the drill bits lock release knob while simultaneously pushing the drill bit release lever in the opposite direction.
{2}. As you are doing this, remove the drill bit.
{3}. The empty chuck is now open. Insert the new drill bit into the chuck head until it is properly seated; make sure the bit is fully tightened into position.
{4}. Repeat steps 1 – 3 for changing more drill bits.
{5}. Close the chuck by repeating steps 1 -3 in reverse order.

Keyed Drill:

Bits with key that fit into the shank of the drill that prevents it from turning.