Best Track Saw System?

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When it comes to the best track saw systems in 2019, we are asking you to get up-close-and-personal with a cutting tool that is sure to sway your opinion.

What makes a track saw system different?

What makes them better than their corded and cordless counterparts?

Why do even mighty tool experts have a difficult time making a track saw comparison chart that reflects their own personal experiences?

What is the best track saw that a master carpenter would simply not be caught dead with?

How to find the best saw for your needs?

And, most importantly, why you should consider buying a track saw even if you don’t have much experience cutting with a power saw?

Allow me to elaborate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which track saw is best?

The track saw is one of the most powerful advancements in carpentry and home improvement materials of the past decade.

Why? Because this saw makes cutting around obstacles and solid objects faster and easier than ever before. Like a track-car, it allows the user to efficiently move the vehicle around in a circular motion. When users keep their saw sawing around a structure, it feels something like a track-car user has their vehicle on a big loop—a very cool feeling.

Right now, the most popular track saw is the Makita which has been one of the most highly recommended tools by woodworkers for a few years.

What is a track saw good for?

A track saw is a great tool for trimming, cutting, and ripping sheet goods down to size.

When compared with other types of saws, track saws have unique benefits, too.

Most consumer saws are powered by a thin blade that vibrates at extremely high speeds. The blade itself is going back and forth so fast that it can start to move closer to your workpiece, causing a loss of control (and accuracy).

That's not the case with track saws.

Unlike consumer tools that use thin blades, track saws are designed for precision, with larger blades and more power. Because of their design, the larger blades are far less likely to dig into your material while ripping or cutting. They're also helpful when doing more intricate cuts on larger projects.

Is Mafell better than festool?

Festool has been the leading brand for years, but there are some brands that are close behind. Mafell is very popular for a few reasons: 1) The price is great, 2) Mafell has great distribution within the US, and 3) the dust collection is very good.

Can a track saw replace a circular saw?

Not even close.

A track saw has its place in the shop but as a substitute for a circular saw it is not even close.

Circular saws are designed for straight cuts. Track saws are not.

If you need to rip lumber, then the track saw is not a good option. Also, the work area of a track saw is quite limited versus a circular saw.

If you need to make sure accurate cuts every time, then a circular saw will typically do the job better and line up more precisely than a track saw.

If you need to make a bunch of straight cuts on a big sheet of plywood, then the track saw may be a good choice.

Laser guides are common on both types of saws and can help a beginner cut straight. However, cutting with a track saw is a different experience than using a circular saw.


We understand that you might be a little overwhelmed with options and we're here to help. Our reviews and buyer’s guide will help you understand what the pros and cons of each track saw are, what the prices are like, what their features are, and how each of them could meet your needs (yes, even if you're a beginner!). Instead of jumping from piece of equipment to the next, our reviews will keep you on track when it comes to making the right decision on the right track saw.

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