12 Best Tool Brands in 2021

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The Snap-On name has spiked in popularity recently, and if you mention Snap-On, you don’t have to use the phrase “I know, because they have great tools,” everyone knows that you are talking about a top-notch brand.

You won’t be disappointed when you buy something that bears the Snap-On name, and in fact, you will have a high-quality product. If you are trying to prove that you are a specialist about tools, you could even show that you have Snap-On tools. It is a brand that is extremely well known and respected, and you will be impressed as soon as you see the quality.

SK Hand Tool

This brand is one of the most popular with both professionals and hobby enthusiasts, and a lot of manufacturers have even teamed with SK Hand Tool to create their own SK Hand Tools that only work with their own products.

SK Hand Tool is a high-quality manufacturer that makes tools in the same way that Snap-On does, and when you are buying the best in tools, you will probably want tools that are created with the same care and precision as you manufacture your own products.

Klein Tools


Founded 79 years ago, the DeWalt line of hand and power tools is owned and distributed by DC Power Tool Company, LLC. Their products include cordless products, such as:

  • Saws
  • Drills
  • Rotary hammers
  • Hand saws
  • Mirror gliders
  • Ladders
  • Work table saws
  • Drill/drivers
  • Planers and shaper
  • Compact product line
  • Rock products


Milwaukee has been a leader in power tools for decades and operates on the principle that excellence leads to even more excellence. You simply can’t go wrong investing in a Milwaukee tool.


Black & Decker was founded in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker. Their idea of a cordless power drill was revolutionary for its time. The tools created by Black & Decker were an instant hit, and they had a major impact on the power tool industry as a whole.

Black & Decker is still a popular tool brand today. You can find them in home improvement stores, department stores, and/or hardware stores.


Makita is a Japanese manufacturer of power tools, hand tools, electrical equipment, and also industrial robots. The company has been responsible for a variety of innovations and patents in the industrial tool industry.

This includes the world’s first cordless hollow-handle drill, the world’s first electric hammer drill, and the first commercially viable chain-less chain saw. Since its founding in 1915, Makita has employed over 12,000 people.

Makita has a presence in nearly every country in the world, and has one of the largest production bases of any tool manufacturer in the world. One downside to the company is that they recently started outsourcing their power tools to China, which brings into question the quality of their products.

Since power tool manufacturing was relocated to China, there have been a number of reports of products that blow out within a few months of being purchased. Before Makita outsourced their manufacturing to China, they had a great reputation and held up well over time.

Even though there have been quality control issues due to the outsourcing, power tool prices from Makita have remained competitive. Makita is known for having a high-quality line of cordless power tools, and continues to innovate new additions to their lineup.



Porter-Cable, headquartered in North Brunswick, New Jersey, began as a tool repair shop in 1906. Starting in 1954, the company started manufacturing its own brand of air-cooled, portable electric hand tools. Over the past several years, Porter-Cable has launched several new products, such as their Pressure Washers, as reported by the Woodworker’s Journal.

Their bagless, central vacuum cleaners and a 30-inch chop saw were the top two products on the list. In 2014, Porter-Cable won “Best New Product 2013” at the International Home and Housewares Show, for their 6 Amp, 7-1/4-Inch Rim Saw.


The Bosch Corporation, which is headquartered in Germany, is a leading manufacturer of power tools and home appliances. Their power tools include saws, drills, routers, angle grinders, sanders, and jigsaws. When it comes to process technology for automotive and industrial applications, Bosch is also a major player. Bosch power tools are distributed all over the world and are popular for their power, quality, and innovative design.


Craftsman is actually a brand of Sears. The company manufactures tools based on your needs. Their motto is, “It’s only a tool, unless you’ve got it!” Their concept of selling tools only when needed based on your current project is something that we should have adopted decades ago.

Craftsman offers a wide range of tools; from hand tools, power tools, and accessories. You can go to their website and price out the tool that you need or can order it from a sales associate that comes to your home, if you prefer. The additional benefit of Craftsman tools is that if you get a defective tool just bring it back to a Sears store and they will fix it or replace the tool, free of cost!

To find out more about Craftsman visit their website:


Ryobi is a popular power tool brand, and their 18V line of tools is the most impressive. These tools give you the power of a corded tool, allowing you to work wherever you want to.

Because Ryobi uses a proprietary battery, you’ll have to buy one of their batteries if you want to use it. If you already own a 18V battery, then you can get a cheap set, but Ryobi has fantastic customer service, so you may want to purchase a set a battery to your collection.

One of the best features about Ryobi is that they have a wide variety of tools to choose from. They not only have your garden equipment, but cordless routers, sanders, and blowers.

Because Ryobi’s tools are relatively cheap, you can start buying the tools you need to build out your shed or figure out what you want. They have a good warranty, and they’ll be around for years to come.


Best Cordless Power Tools in 2021

What originally began in 1915 when founder Margret and Otto Festool expanded their carpentry business to include a selection of power tools, and then founded Friedrichsen-Festool in 1924, is now one of the world’s premier high-end power tool brands. With a consistent ability to create top-quality tools with a reputation for fine results, worldwide distribution support and promotional support, the brand continues to assert itself as a prime supplier of saws, drills, routers, sanders, and other products for the discerning woodworker.Among the manufacturer’s most well-known Festool products are its current generation of top quality cordless power tools. From efficient, professional quality cordless drills to cordless impact drills, the launch of these high-powered tools coincided with a new generation of batteries that can give these tools almost unlimited power.Solid woodworking tools have been a hallmark of the Festool company for nearly 100 years, and these new cordless power tools represent the latest in a long line of products that are unmatched when it comes to quality.


Hitachi is a name most people have probably heard of.
Hitachi is the result of a merger between two Japanese firms. In 1906, Tanaka and Company, Ltd. and Shibaura Seisakusho combining to become the Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K.

Since its formation, Hitachi has produced a lot of products for home and commercial use.

Products like power tools have become a staple of the company and are designed to perform.

You can count on a Hitachi product to last if you need something sturdy and reliable.

These power tools have great reviews from those who purchase them and love them for their superior quality.

There are Hitachi power tools all over the world.

Hitachi cordless tools make working outside or on a job site easier because they don’t have a cord to get in the way.

With Hitachi power tools, you can work anywhere or do anything you want to do because there is no cord to get in your way.
The company is also active in energy conservation and in the tiny house movement.

They have numerous items that they produce with an eye toward making the world a more energy-efficient place.

We hope you enjoyed the list.


Best Cordless Hammer Drill: HT255MH

Best Cordless Impact Driver: MHS 480 HS

Best Cordless Jig Saw: Jigsaw WU 4000-230

Best Cordless Circular Saw: CS 18 LI

Best Cordless Recip Saw: MS 270 DFR

Best Cordless Circular Saw: RM 10.8-150

Best Corded Circular Saw: Saphir C 150

Best Corded Multitool: EC-CS

Best Corded DRILL: VC 30 DR

Best Corded Impact Driver: Li Hex / Li

Best Corded Circular Saw: MS 250 RE – 250 CR

Best Corded Recip Saw: MS 230 R

Tool Brand Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a handy-person, you know that you can’t do a job without the right tools. And sometimes just the right tool won’t do. You’ll need several, all working in perfect harmony to get the job done.

We spoke to a few of our industry experts to find out which tool companies are really leading the way. They told us straight up, that “you get what you pay for.” When you pay for quality, you’re supporting an American company selling American-made products. In fact, most companies are family-owned with a legacy of pride and innovation.

The 12 Best Tool Brands in 2021

{1}. Snap-on: Known for its innovative designs, Snap-on is an American-based company providing products that have been tested for durability and functionality. From wrenches to tool boxes, the Snap-on brand is a must for your toolbox.
{2}. Bessey: Comes in a second with innovative designs for tool storage and organization, Bessey solutions are positively engineered. From fasteners to plates, Bessey is a top competitor in the brand world.
{3}. Ingersoll: Sometimes you just need a brand that’s been around the block … twice.