10 Best Paints for Glass in 2022

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Paint is great stuff.

For a start, it’s got one of the best names for a product as well.

Secondly, there’s almost nowhere you can’t or shouldn’t paint.

Thirdly, it’s tough to get it wrong.

Fourthly, it’s one of the cheapest ways to spruce up your home or office.

We’ve never met anyone who’s tried and failed to paint.

We won’t argue, it’s not always as straightforward as you’d think, but as long as you’ve definitely got the right paints to start with, you’ll end up with a successful paint job which is resistant to chipping, fading, scratching or peeling.

We may not have reached the heights of Frank Lloyd Wright, but we are hoping that this list of the 10 best paints for glass in 2022 will help you to give your home, office or workplace the facelift and paint jobs it deserves.

FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set DesignedBest OverallFolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set Designed
Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint PensBudget PickPaint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens
Krylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + PrimerUpgrade PickKrylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + Primer

1. FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set Designed

Our rating: 9 / 10

FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set Designed

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  • Price is sound
  • Easily covers up light scratches
  • Super durable
  • Multiple colors to choose from


  • Flimsy thin brushes included
  • Some become paint-coated over the years

Ingersoll Rand, the leading manufacturer of power tools, offers a unique power tool just right for glass in the form of the Ingersoll Rand 180C. This handy portable air compressor is ideal for blowing off your surfaces before you start with your paints.

It features a lightweight design to help get the job done easier than ever before. This portable air compressor features an ergonomic handle for easy carrying as well as an air regulator control valve. It also includes coolant recovery system, automatic restarting engine, and fixed air hose to help from getting buried in messy cords.

This powerful little air compressor runs off a standard 110V outlet. It features a 1.5 gallon air tank, which provides up to 70 PSI of pressure and up to four minutes of continuous running time. If you need a little more than your average air compressor, consider the Ingersoll Rand 1579C-A 8-Gallon 135 PSI Air Compressor.

2. Krylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + Primer

Our rating: 9 / 10

Krylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + Primer

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  • Will work for glass and ceramic
  • Covers evenly and accurately
  • Very thick and sticky
  • No primer needed
  • Can be used by all ages
  • Doesn’t leave drip marks
  • Can be used on glass and metal
  • Creates smooth and shiny coat
  • Can be used for outdoor and indoor
  • One can can cover a medium-sized table


  • The paint leaves a white residue everywhere
  • The can’t be used with an airbrush
  • Requires more than one coat to create a nice finish
  • The can can’t be used for inside walls or ceilings
  • Although the paint is easy to use, it’s a little bit too thick and it might take a lot of time to cover the desired surface

Spray Can, Aerosol.

3. Paint Pens

Our rating: 8 / 10

Paint Pens

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  • can be used to paint glass, porcelain, rock, wood, canvas, paper, fabric, ceramics, or any other flat and smooth surface.
  • Non-toxic, odorless, and waterproof.
  • Paint won’t bleed into the surface. Doesn’t peel or fade when washing.
  • Paint doesn’t chip or streak. It’s ideal for large-scale painting.
  • Doesn’t need added water.
  • Paint can be layered upon itself


  • Paint can’t be used on items that get hot.
  • Paint will fade when exposed to sunlight.
  • High cost

If you’re looking for the best markers for glass to paint on your glassware, jars, terrarium, windows and mirrors, then you’ll want some of the Paint Pens for Rock Painting and more.

These pens are ideal for glass painting, ceramic, porcelain and so on. They’re perfect for painting items that cannot be sprayed with paint.

4. Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens

Our rating: 8 / 10

Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens

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  • Low-Odor
  • Writes on glass

Paint Mark is a set of oil-based paint pens made to be used on multiple surfaces as well as on glass. These pens are easy to use as they don’t require any kind of prep job. They’re so fluid that any texture of the surface is irrelevant to them. Even granite and rubber are fair game.

They write on anything and don’t smudge. Some haven’t even needed to be painted over. If you’re trying to write on a very smooth surface, don’t panic, it’s usually enough to simply be a little rougher than the surface.

The pens do dry fairly fast, but depending on what surface you’re writing on, it may take a little longer than with other mediums. There’s a lot of variety to the colors, and they’re very pigmented. The ink does not bleed through paper.

Our rating: 8 / 10

Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color Beginner Set

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6. Magicdo Stained Glass Paint

Our rating: 8 / 10

Magicdo Stained Glass Paint

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  • Glass that’s stained with this paint will be smooth and even.
  • It’s really waterproof.
  • No need to sear it due to no requirement for firing.
  • It’s made of organic resin, so the colors never fade.
  • It’s easy to wash.
  • A little goes a long way.


  • The smell when compared to other paints isn’t that amazing.
  • It’s a bit expensive.

Magicdo is one of the best glass paints you can get for your stained glasswork. It’s really easy to clean, paint is easy to apply, has a uniform quality, and does not fade. It’s water-based, so if you ever get some on your hands, no problem – it rinses off with water!

The Magicdo glass paint may be a bit pricey when compared to others, but it’s an overall good investment that’s well worth the money.

7. FolkArt PROMO830 Multi Satin Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set Designed

Our rating: 6 / 10

FolkArt PROMO830 Multi Satin Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set Designed

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  • Great for beginners and more advanced artists
  • Bright, vibrant colours
  • Doesn’t crack or peel
  • Easy to clean
  • Exhibits a luminescent quality
  • Suitable for painting on mediums beyond glass


  • Not great for filling in fine details
  • Application takes some practice

I start my search for a glass paint with everything I can find and plenty of personal experience. Many of you won’t go to such lengths, but I wanted the best as I joined the world of glass painting.

These FolkArt paints are the best for painting on glass, for beginners and more advanced artists, with their all-new, easy-to- grasp bottles and cap design. They’re super bright and beautiful.

They have a new latching cap that stays secure so it’s easy to carry around. Acrylic paint set also has different colour variations and shades that are ideal for any occasion or style.

8. DecoArt DASK292-K 34 Color Value Pack Set

Our rating: 6 / 10

DecoArt DASK292-K 34 Color Value Pack Set

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  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Value pack with plenty of colors to choose from
  • Easy to apply


  • Takes about several days to fully dry.
  • Extra caution should be exercised when applying these paints.

If you want to personalize your home with some snazzy new colors or art, then look no further than the DecoArt Country Folk Americana Gloss Enamels. We found this set of paints to be absolutely fantastic, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

The set contains 34 paints with a wide variety of colors to choose from. They’re Enamels which means that they’re glossy, and best of all, they’re 100% opaque. This means that no matter what color you pick, it’ll be easily seen.

Our rating: 5 / 10

Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color Value Paint Set

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  • Best value for the money
  • Produce great coverage
  • Easy to use


  • One or two shades may be too similar for some users
  • Not the sturdiest of paints
  • Comes off in rain

The Plaid Gallery Glass Paint Value Set is a great choice if you’re looking for the best home painted glass without breaking the bank.

The set includes extended-size refillable glass paints that are very easy to use. Simply paint on, allow to dry, and apply another layer for a deeper color. These paints do not run or drip, and they produce a great value for the price.

Their vibrant colors also look great. You can experiment a bit with your paint choice to get the precise color you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of paint works best on glass?

Most people immediately think of paint spray cans when they think of painting glass or plastic, but a professional-grade sprayer is a much better solution for most people.

The reason is that part of painting glass and plastic is its appearance. You want it seamless and without streaks. You can spray paint plastic (or glass) with a professional-grade sprayer, but you have to be certain that you are using the right kind of plastic. Most spray paint is designed for plastic car trim. The pain can be applied to parts or the entire vehicle, but it has to be made for plastic.

If you do use a ceramic-paint sprayer, the paint has to be specially formulated and designed for the surface you're painting, or you will get a streaked mess. Professional-grade, ceramic-painting sprayers are one option, but they are expensive, and they are still imperfect in the random pattern department.

How do you permanently paint glass?

Permanent paint is usually referred to as glass paint. It's mainly used in places where it is exposed to the elements or where washing or repainting the glass is extremely difficult to get to.

Glass paints are typically expensive. They are meant to last for decades and are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

They are also non-porous. This means that they won't absorb the elements and can be cleaned with little effort.

The best paints for glass are kits. A kit is just a set of products that comes with all the necessary things needed to properly coat the glass surface. You have to choose the proper kit based on the size of your glass surface.

For smaller surfaces, non-toxic household paints work well. However, these paints are usually not designed for a variety of weather conditions. To protect your glass in low temperatures, you'll need special paints and coatings.

What is the best acrylic paint for glass?

As you may have guessed, high-quality glass requires a high-quality paint.

Twenty years ago, stores stocked some of the most popular brands of glass paint. Now, you'll find only cheaper paint in the grocery stores and pharmacies. This is mostly the result of brands like Krylon transitioning from their 20+ year relationship with artists to an all-around "hobby and craft" label.

The switch in how the paints are marketed was a common trend about fifteen years ago. As retail stores saw less profits in the glass painting industry, they began to steer customers to using cheaper products. And, since then, artists have had to deal with inferior paints.

Just as youʼd expect, the more you have to spend on paint, the better your paintsʼ performance. With that being said, we couldn't think of a better example than paint for glass to prove that statement true.

Is there a paint that looks like glass?

Honestly, I sometimes feel like it's impossible to get the look of glass without spending the cost of a car on it. Even for me, the pickiest of all, there are a few paints that actually get the job done.

This little project is a good one to get your feet wet in the world of faux finishes and a great example of how expensive and labor-intensive a little creativity can be. I'm always on the hunt for new paints with interesting designs and patterns.


Our job becomes easier as technology advances and we’re in a position to get everything done in much less time. All we need is to focus on getting what’s done done using the latest technology available. We’re committed to providing you with the latest info you need to make smart buying decisions. We aim to help you get what you need with a minimum of effort. We’re here to make your life easier in all the best ways.

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FolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set DesignedBest OverallFolkArt Gloss Finish Acrylic Enamel Craft Set Designed
Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint PensBudget PickPaint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens
Krylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + PrimerUpgrade PickKrylon K05150107 ColorMaster Paint + Primer