10 Best Drill Bit Sharpeners in 2021

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Drill bit sharpening can be a real pain and you would not think that the small angle between the drill bit and drill shafts could have such a frustrating effect. However, it does. Imagine that you are drilling a hole under the kitchen bench and your drill bit deflects at 45 degrees from the direction you are drilling, tough luck!

So, am I going to tell you there is a way around this problem?

The short answer is no. However, you will be pleased to know that there are some very handy tools that will be an asset in your toolshed in 2021.

Try this, use your good drill bits for the jobs that require them and store the leftovers for jobs that are not as demanding.

And, because drill bits are such a pain to buy, we’ll show you where to get them at reduced prices, so you can save some serious money.

Read on to learn which is the best drill bit sharpener.

Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit SharpenerBest OverallDrill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener
Drill Bit SharpenerBudget PickDrill Bit Sharpener
DAREX Drill Bit SharpenerUpgrade PickDAREX Drill Bit Sharpener

1. Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener

Our rating: 9 / 10

Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener

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  • Perfect for all kinds of drill bits
  • Includes an easy to follow manual to guide the user
  • Easily adjust for the right angle
  • Fast and effective
  • Great value for money
  • Doesn’t take too long to get used to
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Saves you time
  • Makes your drill bits feel brand new


  • More for experienced users
  • Can take a while to get used to

The end result for this product is very similar to the others on our list. It pulls out the damaged metal inside the hole and leaves a sharper edge. When you use this tool on your drill bits, you’ll notice a significant difference in the performance of your drill bits.

This tool is for those who know what they’re doing. While the product itself is easy to use, it’s the work that goes into it that can be difficult to master.

2. Drill Bit Sharpener

Our rating: 9 / 10

Drill Bit Sharpener

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Rees Angle, Drill Bit Sharpener Tools, Work Sharp Tool Company.

A drill bit can last stronger, more durable if you maintain it sufficiently. But how many drill bits you have, you still have to sharpen? It’s not easy to find another one working as good as a newly sharpened one. So we reviewed ten best drill bit sharpeners in 2020 should help you to find the most suitable one.

The Drill Bit Sharpener is an innovative tool that sharpens drill bits and other metal objects, such as scissors, chisels, and trowels, at the angle needed to hold a sharp edge. The grinder uses a preset 118-degree angle, the same as a drill bit. With its durable construction and strong clamp, it can be used to easily sharpen a drill bit without having to take the bit out of a project. More and more mechanics and professionals are beginning to realize how important a sharp tool is to their jobs, because a sharp tool can make the work faster, easier, and more precise.

3. Drill Doctor DD350X Drill Bit Sharpener

Our rating: 8 / 10

Drill Doctor DD350X Drill Bit Sharpener

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  • Made in the USA
  • Works quickly without any effort or skill
  • Can sharpen high-speed steel
  • Longest time between sharpening at 4.5 minutes
  • Great to use
  • Actually works as advertised
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Backup battery included
  • Fits most drill brands
  • An excellent value for the money

If you’re looking for quality drill bits, then you need this Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpener. It sharpens drill bits in five seconds and will extend the life of the bit.

It has rougher top and bottom side edges to give you precision sharpening. You just insert a round bar-high speed steel drill bit up to 1/2 inch in diameter into the sharpener and go about your work.

It’s also very easy to use and gives you great results. It has a built in automatic pilot hole at the end of the sharpening guide.

4. Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener

Our rating: 8 / 10

Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener

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  • Sharpens extra-large sized bits
  • Safe and effective
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Comes with a safety guard
  • Includes a retractable storage stand

The Woodstock D4144 Drill Sharpener is a bit smaller than similar punching machines, which is great because it allows it to be more compact and portable, and probably better fits into your toolbox.

Currently, there are over 20 sharpening stones in the D4144, enough to replace traditional sharpening wheels.

I’m really impressed with this sharpener because it leaves a very clean and professional looking edge every time it’s used.

5. Multi-Sharp 2001 Multi Sharp Dual Purpose Drill and Tool Sharpener

Our rating: 7 / 10

Multi-Sharp 2001 Multi Sharp Dual Purpose Drill and Tool Sharpener

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  • Ideal for hardened steel and carbide tools
  • Designed to quickly sharpen small bits
  • Portable and light weight
  • Available in 3 colors (cyan, yellow and black)
  • Reduced vibration and noise during sharpening
  • Budget friendly
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Proper and safe method of sharpening
  • No additional skill is required to use


  • Ineffective with ceramic tips
  • Can be used with only one hand
  • Not designed for serrated blades
  • Unstable while sharpening jig saw blades

Sharpening twist drill bits and a string trimmer is generally a pain for many homemakers. In fact, many of them are not even able to find the appropriate tool to do that. This is where the Multi Sharp 2001 Drill and Tool Sharpener comes in. It does a great job of sharpening your old and dull drill bits, which are essential for precision work.

The sharpener is constructed with durable materials. It comes with a spring support, base support, diamond sharpeners and a metal tightening knob.

These diamond sharpeners are designed to provide super finishing for various bits. The sharpener comes with a built-in power drill adapter that you can easily use in any power drill. This will make the sharpening job a lot easier.

6. DAREX Drill Bit Sharpener

Our rating: 7 / 10

DAREX Drill Bit Sharpener

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  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for longer bits
  • Wide range of use budget
  • Great for sharpening carbide bits
  • Durable for the price


  • Longer time to sharpen bits
  • Takes some time to get used to its operation

The DAREX Drill Bit Sharpener is a great sharpener for drill bits. Its name says it all since it excels in sharpening drill bits by implementing a three-stage sharpening system: grinding, honing, and polishing. This makes sure the right tool enters your workpiece every time.

7. Drill Bit Sharpener

Our rating: 5 / 10

Drill Bit Sharpener

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  • Multipurpose sharpener for wood, HSS, and carbide
  • Effective sharpening angle of 25
  • Helpful extras included
  • On-board storage compartment


  • Needs to be held upside down to insert bit
  • Not recommended for high-speed applications

Drill Bit Grinder, Drill Bit Sharpening.

The DeWalt Drill Bit Sharpener is a multipurpose sharpener that’s a great choice for homeowners and hobbyists alike. It’s capable of sharpening a variety of different drill bits, including wood, coated metal, and even carbide. The abrasive technology used in this sharpener allows you to re-profile the drill bits and make them brand new.

The drill bit sharpener includes a storage area that will allow you to keep your drill bits organized, which is a nice bonus if you’re the type of person that likes to keep your tools organized. The on-board storage area is made out of plastic and we would have liked to see it implemented with metal components.

8. Multi Purpose Power Sharpener Drill Bit Knife Chisel & Plane Sharpener/Knife & Scissor Sharpener/Electric Powered

Our rating: 4 / 10

Multi Purpose Power Sharpener Drill Bit Knife Chisel & Plane Sharpener/Knife & Scissor Sharpener/Electric Powered

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  • Durable & portable
  • Spin-feed system
  • Sharpens drill bits
  • Sharpens chisels, plane irons, knives and scissors
  • Built-in power supply


  • Blades are not ATB, no option for single side sharpening
  • Guard for sharpener wheel is not good
  • Not suitable for exotic steel drill bits
  • A little noisy

Pressure adjuster: high & low

The Multi-Purpose Power Sharpener is a versatile sharpener for drill bits, chisels, plane irons, knives, scissors, corkscrews, and other hand tools. It can sharpen the drills bits and the blades for knives, scissors, and other cutting tools.

This sharpener is lightweight and portable and gives you the convenience to develop your mini-workshop at home. It is suitable for those who have busy lifestyles and who don’t want to visit the workshop when they want to modify a tool or want to sharpen a drill bit. You can work with the sharpener wherever you want to. In fact, you can use the sharpener on the go if you plug it into a 12-volt outlet.

9. Neiko 10170A Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

Our rating: 4 / 10

Neiko 10170A Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

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This product is perfect for keeping your drill bits sharp so that they're always ready for the next job. It can be adjusted to a wide range of sizes and is effective even at angles. It can handle a range of metal bits including cobalt, masonry, and steel. Besides using it to sharpen drill bits, it can also be used to sharpen all sorts of normal, hand-held tools like chisels, small plane blades, and a lot more.

It has a speed of roughly 1500 rpm, which is perfect for its size. While this might not seem like much, it's a lot higher than most other grinders out there in the same price range. Overall, this is perfect for jobs at home where you don't need to wear away at the drill bit, but instead just need to sharpen it to get rid of most of the nicks and gouges it has.

This drill bit sharpener measures up to about 8.8" by 6" by 4.3", so it's not exactly huge or even that heavy considering it packs so much punch. For the price, anyone interested in this kind of product should absolutely check it out.

10. Drill Bits Sharpener

Our rating: 4 / 10

Drill Bits Sharpener

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  • Slim and lightweight tool
  • Easy to use
  • Can sharpen a wide range of sizes
  • Great durability
  • Lightweight design


  • No reach adjustment
  • A bit loud

1/4', 3/16', 3/8', 1/2' and 5/8', 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm(Black).

Choosing the best drill bit sharpener in 2020 can be a bit of a chore without the best drill bit sharpeners reviews. To make things easier for you, we have selected one of the best drill bit sharpeners that you can buy right now.

The Drill Bits Sharpener is a bit sharpening tool that is reliable and efficient. The sharpener is designed to sharpen a wide range of sizes, types and shapes of drill bits. It oftentimes happens that a person would need to sharpen drill bits of varying sizes. The Drill Bits Sharpener has been specifically designed to accommodate such scenarios. It can handle drill bits that have very small to very large diameters and sizes. It comes with an adjustable T-Type handle and a speed-reduction gearbox. These features combine to make the sharpening process safe and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best drill sharpener?

The best drill sharpener is the Accusharp 04500. With its large beveled and chamfered edges, it will sharpen any drill bit to a hair popping sharp edge in seconds.

Now, that is impressive.

Is it worth sharpening drill bits?

A question we get asked quite a bit is whether it's worth sharpening drill bits, especially since most people spend quite a bit of money for a larger drill bit set. The answer is simple: sharp drill bits are a must.

Drill bits dull so quickly and are also so expensive, that if you're going to spend the money on them, you'll definitely want to keep them sharp! Most people don't know much about drill bit sharpening tools, but that doesn't mean it should be discounted as an optional purchase.

Drill bit sharpeners are a lifesaver for anyone who uses a drill on a regular basis. However, this text will focus on the best drill bit sharpener for most homeowners. These drills can both sharpen and finish your bit, and also help eliminate lint and resin build-up that can slow down your tool.

Does Drill Doctor work?

As with most common yet seemingly mysterious household items, there appears to be a lot of scuttlebutt about the Drill Doctor.

So, does the Drill Doctor work? Yes!

Do you need a Drill Doctor? Depends.

Do you consider yourself to be a crafty DIY aficionado? Or are you just a homeowner that has a few basic household projects to tackle from time to time? Anyone that falls into the latter category could likely benefit from a Drill Doctor. Drill Doctor makes sharpening drill bits easy, even for newbies.

But, if you only occasionally use your drill, then a Drill Doctor might not be for you.

The manual sharpening direction certainly isn't hard, but you'll still need to put in a little time to manage it. Enough time, in fact, that it seems almost pointless to purchase the Drill Doctor if you only drill once a week.

Is there a way to sharpen drill bits?

The best drill bit sharpeners gently remove material very close to the tip of the drill bit without changing the diameter. You can tune the radius of sharpening by setting the desired extent of sharpening. The process is almost magical.


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Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit SharpenerBest OverallDrill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener
Drill Bit SharpenerBudget PickDrill Bit Sharpener
DAREX Drill Bit SharpenerUpgrade PickDAREX Drill Bit Sharpener