Are Zero Turn Mowers Good on Hills?

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Mowing Slopes With Zero Turn Mowers

If one feature of a mower wasn’t enough, some zero turn mowers have a second unique feature that we have affectionately come to know as the “Reverse Mow” maneuver.

These tricks somewhat defy the laws of physics, and are performed by running the machine backward and making a turn in a circular motion. This extended use of the Reverse setting on zero turn mowers is a bit harder on the machine than the typical use, and can make the engine work harder because the operator has to get the machine moving in reverse, then back up, and then turn in the opposite direction.

The Reverse mow setting is designed for use on hills or slopes and is quite handy for getting up and down slopes. When mowing up a hill, you want to match the mower’s natural forward slope with the slope of the hill. This allows the mower to use gravity as it mows, and doesn’t require the operator to apply downward pressure to the blade engagement area.

Zero Turn Mower For Rough Terrain

If you have a lawn that is too rough for a regular mower, then you should consider a zero turn mower. They are a little more pricey than regular mowers, but they are essential when you want to tackle hills and ditches.

You cannot turn a zero turn mower unless it is moving at a fast pace, so you cannot turn on a dime. This can be a bit of a downside for some people who might want to mow in long, straight lines to manage their rough terrain.

How to Drive a Zero Turn Mower Without Tearing Up Grass?

If a zero turn mower is not being used correctly, it can tear up the grass and make a mess of your yard. In addition, the zero turn mower is a large investment and it should handle hills and curves with ease.

Of course as you might have imagined, a zero turn mower has a driving system that allows the mower to maneuver corners with ease. In general, you will find that zero turn mowers are preferred by lawn mower experts. The reason for this is because zero turn mowers are highly maneuverable and they can get through tight spots that other mowers can’t.

Electric and battery powered zero turn mowers are the smallest and lightest of the zero turn mowers, meaning that they are very easy to control and you can turn them on a dime. You can also use them on hills and they only require one rider.

Even though you can control an electric or battery powered mower with ease, the mower can’t turn as well as a gas powered mower. Since you would need to be going up a hill to maneuver this type of mower, you would probably need to reposition it. That would be a big inconvenience.